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Many companies are looking to implement higher levels of automation to combat labor shortages based on the fallout of COVID during the last year. A Packaging Execution System is a vital component in automating manual processes typically handled manually by shop floor personnel. With a properly designed system you can centrally control all packaging line triggers, events, and business rules, linking the packaging line with real-time ERP data, making packing line startups and changeovers a non-event!

Unsure if your company might benefit from a packaging intelligence solution? Here are three signs that your company likely needs automation intelligence.

1.  Manual line interventions and errors are impacting your operations and efficiencies.
No longer will operators need to manually enter data into printers and dissimilar software solutions. A common scenario is an operator enters expiration data into an inkjet printer, selects and populates a label format for case labels, and manually prints and applies a pallet label. All of this can now be driven and managed from a single solution. Imagine eliminating all the proprietary printer software virtually performing the same tasks!

2.  Inaccurate coding and labeling are resulting in product rework and increased risk to food safety and traceability

A tightly controlled, closed-loop process of printing and verification ensures each product is printed and verified in real-time. In addition, detailed logging critical data collection for each unit, case, and pallet ensures that you have the details and data necessary for accountability.

3. Disconnected systems are putting you at risk for a devastating recall.
When your brand and consumer health is at stake, it’s critical to have the best product traceability possible. Adding automation intelligence will manage all date, lot, and time tracking data. This ensures exceptionally accurate traceability is quickly available and at your fingertips! In the unfortunate event of a recall, an automated packaging intelligence solution will turn a potentially catastrophic situation into one which is handled accurately, efficiently, and quickly. Auditors will appreciate your investment in providing excellent visibility quickly while your customers will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your company information is securely and accurately managed in real-time.

If you are looking to integrate true intelligence and centralize your packaging while enhancing your food safety initiatives the Apis Wise automation intelligence solution for packaging and pallet labeling is the answer.