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How do you increase both your top and bottom lines? The old axiom is to work smarter, not harder. We get you working more intelligently. Apis Wise connects your current output with stronger outcomes all across your supply chain. Make light work of Automated Pallet Labeling, Track & Trace, Centralized Printing & Coding, and Inventory Control.

Pallet Perfection

Automated Pallet Labeling

Print, apply and verify every pallet label and digitally revolutionize your entire Pallet Labeling system.

  • Achieve 99% scan rates, minimize downtime and increase inventory accuracy and lot traceability. 
  • Seamlessly connect all of your equipment including the world’s largest leading ERP system—SAP. 
  • Decrease the greatest threat to your business by reducing human interaction. 
  • Export accurate inventory data to any customer system.
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Assure All Along Your Lines

Inventory Control

Manage more inventory with fewer human interactions and focus on keeping your warehouses full. Complete inventory management and control comes through Apis Wise.

  • Handle serialization, POs, outbound goods and work-in-process from one centralized system.
  • Have all input and output systems seamlessly integrated and communicating with one another regardless of technology. 
  • Automatically create and input accurate data into the software through a complementary, comprehensive front-end.
  • Effectively run and operate as many warehouses 24/7.

Raising the Barcode

Centralized Printing & Coding

We decode the various, complex languages your current printing and coding systems speak to create streamlined, risk-reduced processes.

  • Drive all your barcode printers from one centralized location.
  • Worry less with built-in troubleshooting tools designed to streamline resolution processes and minimize downtime. 
  • Synchronize all formats across all your plants and lines anywhere in the world. 
  • Take back the driver seat with real-time reporting, intuitive data collection and coding accountability.

Pinpoint Product Accuracy

Track & Trace

As your market expands, you’re able to accurately identify any product, at any time, anywhere in the world.

  • Bring your SQF traceability to compliance.
  • Automatically capture and tally catch-weighted items.
  • Create new data collection systems for scrap and waste materials.
  • Go paperless and drastically reduce labeling errors and increase user accountability.
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Intelligent Industry IDeation

There isn’t a company in the world that doesn’t want smarter logistics. Whether you’re the largest food manufacturer in the US or the latest budding medical equipment provider in Europe, Apis Wise empowers your business to do more with fewer errors. Our core solutions show significant ROI in varied verticals because we understand that the only way to achieve a higher state of Automation Intelligence is to ask the right questions.

Medical Equipment
Consumer Goods
Food & Beverage
Engineered Materials
Raw Materials
Transportation & Logistics
Apparel & Textiles

Wise Words

Some of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors have achieved an automated state of mind with our unrivaled solutions and customer service. These are some examples of how Apis Wise has helped connect output with outcome, strengthened supply chains and optimized accountability and security.

Pallet labeling was identified as the largest risk going into our go-live of SAP in North America. In the project wrap-up, pallet labeling proved to be the most successful part of the project due to Apis Wise, their solution, their understanding of our business processes and their team members.

Steve McLaughlinGlobal Manufacturing Excellence Director, Castrol

Apis Wise worked with our printer applicator supplier to overcome the physical hurdles of labeling, worked with our wrapper vendor to automate recipe selection, and interfaced with our ERP software to manage the data transfer to and from our ERP. The overall experience with Apis Wise was one of the best we have ever had and the solution is highly robust and reliable.

Marcus McKeeCFO, SPR Packaging

We are investing millions of dollars in process improvement, automated palletizing and warehousing. Apis Wise was instrumental in helping us to identify and address the impact of automation on our processes at case coding, quality control, track and trace and pallet labeling.

Mike EvansSenior Vice President of Operations, Bellisio Foods, Inc.

Reach a Higher State of Automation

As your business needs change and supply chains are reconfigured, you require a trusted partner who can inject trusted, adaptive solutions with confidence. Digitally revolutionize the ways you print, store, code and track your entire product lines—across all of your facilities. Contact the experienced engineers at Apis Wise to increase productivity and growth opportunity and decrease risk and downtime. Let us show you how our solutions make light work of the heaviest supply chain burdens. Take smarter stock with Apis Wise.

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