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Track & Trace

Your Link to a Stronger Supply Chain

A white label production floor software and service. Customizing your software to bring unique codes to specific items and giving you, the manufacturer, complete transparency. As your market expands, you’re able to accurately identify any product, at any time, anywhere in the world.

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Product IDeation

A powerful set of production floor software and services. An end-to-end solution that uses data to apply a unique code to individual items in the production environment and then expands to capture much-needed supply chain information giving you the manufacturer total transparency.

  • Automate with serialization and aggregation from point-of-sale to pallet-level with a single scan with our CFR21 Part 11 compliant software.
  • Streamline the conversion path for your customers.
  • Connectivity with other business applications such as ERP, WMS, and much more.
  • Acquire peace of mind with a supportable, sustainable system.
  • Protect your brand through the supply chain by trusting expert solutions engineers.

Raising the Barcode

The Apis Wise Track and Trace solution helps to protect your brand you worked so hard to build and powerfully address specific threats to it including counterfeiting, diversion, and product recalls. 

  • Connectivity solutions for nearly any material or production environment.
  • Scalable from a single production line to a multi-facility/multi-line structure while still utilizing the original investment when achieving growth.
  • Codes can be formulated in a multitude of ways to best fit the brand, and data can be incorporated into existing enterprise systems or hosted by Apis Wise.

Interface, Integrate & Implement

Seamless Apis Wise data interfacing tools use configuration—not custom software—to integrate with any existing business software system, including the world’s largest ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

Transparency through Serialization

The Apis Wise Track & Trace solution helps protect the brand you worked so hard to build and powerfully address specific threats to it. We start with a serial number and add cover applications to enhance security.


Fueled by the internet’s ability to create and facilitate gray and black markets, counterfeiting can gravely affect a company’s direct bottom line. It can also cause immense long-term damage when a substandard product has been linked to a brand.


Dishonest individuals can divert products to unplanned retail outlets, weakening the brand’s image, and generating ill-will within the genuine sales channel.


Product recalls happen, and there can be a PR nightmare as you the manufacturer fumble to locate the infected product.

Track it, Trace it

Customize your software with our white label solutions, simplifying the conversion path for your customers. Revolutionize your entire Track & Trace system. Contact the experienced engineers at Apis Wise to increase productivity and growth opportunities.

Track Wisely