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In the complex world of manufacturing there are many moving parts that keep a well-oiled machine running and everyone safe at the same time.  One of those processes doing its part are micro holds. Whether it’s in food processing or the pharmaceutical space, micro holds are applied to the different stages of manufacturing to ensure that product quality remains consistent and within specification.  Micro holds are usually done by taking a sample during a production process such as blending at a fixed time schedule during the production run.  These processes are usually directly tied to interactions with raw materials.   

A Micro hold can be applied to a production process like blending using the following steps.   

  1. Identify the blending process as a micro hold opportunity 
  2. Break down the blending process into its individual production steps 
  3. Identify the data capture points for the blending process 
  4. Capturing that data in a database with a date and time stamp for recall later 

By implementing micro hold processes, companies can reduce the cost and impact of contamination events in raw materials and finished goods. 

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