Smart Factories: A New Era of Manufacturing Productivity

Smart factories are currently transforming the manufacturing industry significantly. Adopting smart factory technologies offers numerous substantial advantages including a productivity increase by 25-30% as well as potential cost reductions of up to 20% and product quality improvements of up to 15% .  They are changing not only the manufacturing process but also the way businesses operate and how consumers interact with products.

This article examines new methods for manufacturing technology. READ MORE

Pallet Labeling Efficiencies and the Current Market

Efficient pallet labeling is crucial for accurate inventory tracking and tracing across various systems. Errors in labeling can lead to skewed counts, unreliable financial statements, and disrupted downstream operations. Non-compliance with mandates results in fines, returns, and damaged reputations. READ MORE

From AI to IoT: Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution describes the current period of rapid technological change, characterized by the convergence of digital, biological, and physical technologies. This article examines the benefits and challenges we face while navigating new technologies.  READ MORE

The Importance of a Labeling Intelligence Solution on Your ERP and Automation

Dan Hare, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Apis Wise, explains the importance of automated intelligence when labeling out of an ERP.  View Video

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